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Offered Services

Pre-Certification Audit

The purpose of this audit is to assess your readiness for the certification audit.
This can be done as a desk-top audit of your system documentation compliance to the relevant standards and/or as a site visit to your place of work.

A formal Audit Report is produced of the findings for 3rd Party Certifications, and an abridged Audit Report for 2nd Party Certifications. - Both will detail any items that need to be rectified before the certification audit.

3rd Party Certification Audit

These are Certification and Surveillance Audits on behalf of independent Conformance Assessment Bodies (CABs) who can issue certificates for a period of three years for each audited standard.

The initial certification audit is followed by annual surveillance audits for the next two years.  A recertification audit is conducted every three years.

The certificates issued by the CABs are recognised internationally.

2nd Party Certification Audit

These are Certification and Surveillance Audits on behalf of Federal and State governments who can issue Prequalification Certificates subject to a satisfactory financial audit by another independent body, usually one of the larger accounting firms.

For the ACT Government the 2nd Party Certification Audits need to be repeated every eighteen months or more often if it is better for the client.

Secure Local Jobs Code Audits

These are Audits of the Businesses that need a Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate to quote on construction, cleaning, security or traffic management work for the ACT Government.

The applicants need to declare all associated entities and any proceedings, findings, convictions, claims or prosecutions against the applicant or any of its associated entities, within the last 5 years?

The applicants also need to provide proof of their taxation, superannuation and wages payments, together with the appropriate insurances, a company policy and a system for meeting the SLJC requirements.

Companies that have been operating for at lease two years are issued  with certificates for one year by the ACT Government.  - Companies with less than two years of operations are assessed on a case by case basis.

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